Sissy Baby Phone Sex – Mommy Loves Sissy Babies!

sissy-baby-mommy-phone-sexAdult babies can be sissies too. Mommy loves dressing up her sissy babies like little girls during sissy baby phone sex sessions, and then inviting her male friends over to show you off.

Let’s go through all the baby girls clothes and find something for mommy’s baby girl to wear. Mommy thinks you look so pretty in sissy baby dresses, pink ruffled bloomers, anklets and white Mary Jane’s. Don’t you? I bet mommy’s friends will just love the ruffles on the butt!

Of course you will need a new name to go with your new look. Mommy will even let you choose your own sissy girl name!

You love to prance around in your pretty things and show off in front of mommy’s male friends. They tell you what a pretty girl you are and they love it when mommy pulls your ruffled panties down around your ankles to show them your cute little sissy butt.

If you behave like a good little sissy baby when mommy’s friends are over and do what mommy says – she’ll give you a special reward of your choosing! Mommy knows how to take care of her little sissy baby girl. 😉

If you want to be mommy’s baby girl sissy too, you can. Mommy can’t have too many babies! Just call Mommy Millie for sissy baby phone sex!

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