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I understand now that I was a selfish cross dresser, who used the dressing up as a game and all I really wanted was my own sexual pleasure. Starting in my teenage years and for more than 30 years, I dressed in female clothes and pretended to be Submissive, all just a game and while I could enjoy straight sex, it was much more fun for me if I was dressed up and acting as a Sissy.

With the Internet, things got easy for me, lot’s of women out there, lonely, divorced, widows and bored housewives. Most of them had never even heard of Sissies or Cross dressers, but most didn’t have too many men asking them out either. So it was easy enough, take them out and have straight sex with them, then add a bit of Bondage, a bit of role playing and then bring out the female clothes and let them meet Laura. I was always in control and it was just all about sex while dressed up.

Then I met Mistress Jade, a beautiful Dominant and all I could think of was how long before I have sex with her, with me dressed up of course. Mistress Jade had other plans for me.
Mistress made me give her pleasure, while continually denying my sexual pleasure, though once she made me masturbate and then I had to lick up all my ‘Sissy Juice’. She told me that if I wanted sex, then I had to learn to Obey her, to do everything she Commanded of me. So I played out her game, just waiting for the day I would have sex with this Dominant Goddess.

Mistress demanded that I dress in female clothes at all times when I was at home. If I had to go out, I could wear male clothes but must have a bra and panties under my clothes. All my male underpants were thrown away and Mistress made me buy more and more female clothes and shoes.
Mistress took lots of photos of me all dressed up, and she chained me into Bondage and took more photos of me. She told me I would get sex with her once I became her Sissy Slave. I soon agreed.
One evening, Mistress brought another Sissy here, and she commanded me to suck on this Sissies ‘Clitty” while she took photos of all this. I just kept thinking that doing this would get me sex with Mistress Jade, so I did as she ordered.

Soon after this, Mistress Chained me up, and began to seriously Torture me, and she didn’t stop until I gave her the postal address and email addresses of all my friends and family.

Mistress Jade then informed me that I was to become a real Sissy Slave. This was my Punishment for all those women I had used and screwed, for being selfish and no care about the feelings of all those women, but mostly, because I had pretended to be a Sissy, now I would live out the rest of my life as a Feminized Sissy Slave. There was to be no sex between her and I, and in fact I would probably be denied any sex at all for the rest of my life.
At first I was furious, outraged, and so angry at her, I wanted to defy her, but the thought of all those photos being sent to my family and friends, I knew I must obey Mistress Jade.

Over the next two years I was ordered to dress in female clothes at all times when I was at home. More and more I was being Feminized and forced to dress in female clothes, forced to submit to her, giving up my own identity to become a real sissy slave.
Slowly but surely. Mistress Jade began to Feminize me, forcing me to submit as a Sissy Slave.

I tried to resist, but Mistress Jade tortured me and sent me deep into my feelings and reminded me that this was all my own fault. Dressing up and being a Sissy is not a game, and I came to realize that I did deserve this, I was selfish, and now I must pay the penalty, which is that I become a full time Sissy Slave, and spend the rest of my life submitting to all Dominants.

I must now serve out my days as a Feminized Sissy Slave.
I am never permitted any sexual pleasure, and my sissy ‘Clitty’ is kept secured in bondage, bound up so as to prevent me from ever having an erection.

After years of this ‘Clitty-Binding’ I am now incapable of having an erection, and I accept that I will never see my sissy clitty hard ever again.

As a sissy slave, I am now Impotent, but I can still please my Mistress with my tongue and my fingers. I can also give my Mistress pleasure as she watches me sucking cock.

I started out trying to use women for my pleasure, and now I have accepted that I am just a worthless sissy slave and I belong at the feet of the Dominant Mistress.

I am a slave to all Dominants and I know that I cannot change this. I am now a real Sissy Slave for the rest of my life.

My mistress has now decided that she does not want me as her sissy slave, and I must go in search of a new Mistress or Master, and to submit totally to them and they will continue my Feminization and sissy slave training until I become a full time and permanent Sissy Slave.

I know that I will never again have an erection, never again be allowed any sexual pleasure, and I must spend the rest of my life as a Feminized Sissy.

All I seek now is a strict Mistress or Master to continue my journey into becoming the true Sissy Slave I know that I am.

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