Sissy’s Baby



(c) Mistress Diedre Damon 2011. All rights reserved.

A submissive sissy whore who misses her “period” is forced to carry a baby for a full term as punishment for the transgression.


A friend of mine had a live in sissy awhile back who was required to simulate a menstruation every month at the same time Mistress had hers. sissy was a trust fund baby who had enough money to indulge this lifestyle, and Mistress was left millions when her two husbands died. Mistress completely feminized sissy and effectively removed any semblance of masculinity from her life. sissy served at Mistress’ beck and call. She often acted as a complete sex toy for Mistress’s parties and at local clubs. sissy was a slut and she loved the life. She belonged to Mistress, and they had a wonderful life together. So the monthly inconvenience of a period, while humiliating and messy seemed worth the price for the life sissy was allowed to leave.
Every month, sissy was required to insert a tampon three or four times a day for five days and cover it with “blood” that is used in the movies. Since Mistress also worked in the makeup department of a major motion picture studio, obtaining the blood sacks was not a problem. Every month, sissy would mark her calendar with red “X’s” on the days Mistress was to have her period and began the humiliating process of menstruation. I thought it was the ultimate in Female Domination. Especially when sissy was unable to go into a swimming pool and had to announce to everyone that she had her period.
One month, sissy failed to begin her period on the correct day. Mistress was furious and told sissy that she was to be punished in a way that she had never dreamed of, and that Mistress would tell sissy what and when that punishment would to take place. Another month went by and sissy was relieved that Mistress had done nothing to punish her beyond the normal Mistress/sissy things. sissy was made to do extra duty at a party full of Mistress’ friends. she slept on the toilet floor a few times. But nothing out of the ordinary. Everything seemed fine. On the Tuesday morning when sissy was scheduled to begin her period, she went into her bathroom to find all the tampons, panties and blood sacks were gone. She knew they were there the day before. She went to the store to buy the tampons herself. She started out of the bathroom to see Mistress holding the box of tampons.
“Looking for these?” Mistress asked. “You wont need them for awhile.”
At first sissy was relieved. After all, having a period every month was not fun. That relief soon turned into fear.
“You missed your period last month sissy,” Mistress said. “You know what that means, don’t you? It means you are probably pregnant.”
Mistress gave sissy a pregnancy test and told her to go into the bathroom and follow the instructions. sissy did. When she came out, the pregnancy test was negative, but Mistress was not convinced. Mistress told sissy that she had a doctor friend who would “inspect” sissy to see if she was pregnant or not. (Having friends on movie sets comes in handy.) Mistress and sissy went to the “doctor’s” office the next morning. sissy was brought to an exam room where she was told to lay back on the exam table with her feet in the stirrups. The “doctor” came in and began to examine sissy’s “vagina”. The exam lasted twenty minutes or more and it was obviously not very comfortable. The humiliation of being tested for pregnancy was clearly too much for sissy. After the examination, Mistress and sissy returned home to wait for a phone call with the test results. The call came about twenty minutes after they arrived. Mistress answered.
“Yes doctor.” She said. “And you’re sure about this? There is no question? OK, I’ll tell her.”
Mistress hung up the phone and turned to sissy.
“Congratulations you sissy bitch!” Mistress said. “You’re pregnant!”

sissy couldn’t believe what she just heard. Of course, she couldn’t be pregnant. But Mistress was dead serious about what the doctor had told her.
“How can that be, Mistress?” sissy asked. “I know I’ve had sex with many men, but this isn’t possible.”
Mistress smiled.
“Little one, have you noticed anything different about your body lately?”
sissy thought about it. She was feeling a bit moody. She cried more when she watched chick flicks with Mistress. She also noticed a slight increase in the sensitivity of her breasts. She explained these feelings to Mistress, but surely they could not mean what Mistress said they meant.
“I have been putting glandular hormones in your food for a month sissy. You are becoming more of a woman than you ever thought. And over your term of pregnancy, you will make a complete change.”
sissy burst into tears. Obviously the hormones were working. Her first thought was that she never intended to make such a permanent change. But when she thought about it, sissy became excited at the idea. Still, she wasn’t ready to give in without trying.
“Mistress, I’m sorry I missed my period last month. Cant I just start again?’
Mistress glared back at sissy.
“You are feeling what girls have felt since time began. No, you are pregnant, and you will have to deal with it. Your breasts will grow, your skin will change. You need to get ready.”
sissy realized that there was no way out.
“Now sissy,” Mistress continued. It’s time for you to make your first change. I think you need to “show” a little bit so people will notice that you are pregnant.”
sissy was perplexed. How in the world would this happen? sissy forgot that Mistress had access to all forms of makeup and prosthetics from he prop department.
“Take off all of your clothes sissy!” Mistress ordered. “I have to change you.”
sissy did that. Mistress opened a cardboard box and pulled out a latex torso. She fit the torso around sissy’s abdomen and attached it with spirit glue. A little body makeup to hide the seams and cover the line where it met sissy’s body. Mistress pulled the prosthetic between sissy’s legs and attached it around the back. Mistress commanded sissy to look at herself in the mirror. sissy observed her normally pretty face and hair. She admired the earrings she was wearing and looked further down on the new addition. There before her was a nice set of breasts and just the tiniest hint of a pregnant belly. Down below, her parts were replaced with a very convincing set of woman’s. If she didn’t know better, she was sure that she looked like a pregnant woman in the early stages.
“You will wear this every day.” Mistress said. “You will only take it off when you bathe. Do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress.” sissy replied. “But what about my clothes? They wont fit.”
Mistress explained that sissy will have to learn to live with this problem just as other pregnant woman has. sissy’s body will change every few weeks and it will not be very pleasant. People will notice that her belly will continue to grow as any pregnant woman does. And the glandular hormones will give her that “glow” all pregnant woman have.
“Tomorrow sissy is a big day.” Mistress said. “Tomorrow we’ll go shopping for your maternity clothes.”

Maternity clothes? sissy was a slut at Mistress’ command. sissy has worn just about everything a woman can wear. But not even the biggest freak she has ever serviced ever came close to making her wear what a pregnant woman wears. Of course, if she was going to expand, it was necessary for her clothes to grow with her. It had taken several years for sissy to pass as a woman. But her jet-black hair and blue eyes made that transition easier. That, and Mistress’s instruction on makeup. She really is quite beautiful by any standards. But passing as a pregnant woman? This was something new. Mistress didn’t care if sissy passed or not. sissy was pregnant. And nothing was going to change that. So when Mistress and sissy went to the maternity store to buy some stretchy pants and flowing tops, sissy was a bit apprehensive. As usual, Mistress didn’t make it any easier.
“This is the first sissy man ever to get pregnant.” Mistress said to the sales clerk. “she needs maternity clothes, but she needs to be sexy as well!”
The clerk was a bit surprised, but went along with the program with no problem. She brought several different colors of pants and skirts and dresses that were stylish, yet functional.
“These will grow with you hon.” The clerk said. “And so will these lacey tops.” sissy dutifully tried on different combinations of clothes, including panties, bras, teddies and all the things she wore regularly…but not in these sizes. sissy was embarrassed, but excited at the same time. She found herself talking about the baby as if it was really going to be born to her.
“So, do you know what it is yet?” the clerk asked.
“No, we don’t want to know until the baby is born.” sissy found herself saying to Mistress’ approval. “I cant tell you what a surprise all this has been!”
Mistress and the clerk shared a smile. sissy was buying into becoming a mother and enjoying it. sissy was doing just that. After all, there was no way she really would have a baby. This was obviously just another way for Mistress to embarrass and punish her for missing her period. If it wasn’t this, it would have been something else. sissy decided it would be much easier to simply let it run it’s course.
“Now, how about some shoes with a bit lower heal?” the clerk asked.
sissy has never worn a heal that was less than four inches. Now she was trying on sensible shoes? sissy was not going to argue. After all, she was pregnant. “That sounds like a good idea.” sissy said.
Mistress and sissy left the maternity store and decided to get a manicure. They walked through the mall to the nail place, carrying their purchases from the maternity store. People would pass sissy and smile because she was glowing like pregnant woman often do. sissy smiled back and acknowledged the comments.
“You look beautiful!” one man said. “When are you do?”
The two ladies entered the nail salon and looked at the available colors of lacquer. Mistress chose her usual blood red polish. sissy usually chose a very dark red or purple for herself, but Mistress would not allow that today.
“sissy wants a light pink today. Dark colors are not for expecting mothers.” She said. The manicurist had been doing sissy’s nails for years and knew about her enslavement. But even she could not help but wonder about this new development.
“Expecting? sissy, you are having a baby?” she asked.
sissy had no choice but to acknowledge that she was with child.
“Yes,” sissy said. I missed my period last month and I’m pregnant.”
The three girls shared a few laughs and chatted for a while.
“sissy, who is the father?” the manicurist asked.
sissy didn’t have an answer, but played along. “His name is Allen,” she said. “We have been seeing each other for about a year.”
Mistress was again impressed. As the girls waited for their nails to dry, Mistress began to hatch a new plan to enhance her sissy’s experience.
“You know sissy, it wouldn’t be a bad idea.”
“What would, Mistress?”
“Well, it wouldn’t be good for your baby to be born without a father.” Mistress said. “I think Allen has developed quite a fancy for you. Do you like him that way?”
sissy responded demurely. “Well, yes, I am quite fond of him.”
“Fond enough to marry him?” Mistress asked.
“Well, I suppose. But that will never happen.” sissy said.
“Leave that up to me.” Mistress responded. In the meanwhile, let’s go over to the bridal shop. We need to find the perfect wedding gown for you. You cant have a baby if there is no father.”

Mistress and sissy walked through the mall, stopping to window shop for shoes, clothes, jewelry and makeup. sissy was actually quite beautiful and passed easily for a woman. Not a sissy. Which is why Mistress often felt the need to expose her. sissy was tall and slim and actually could wear her own black curly hair. Over six feet in heels, she could be quite stunning. But not as stunning as her Raven Haired Mistress. As they headed toward the Bridal Shop, they turned more than a few heads.
“You know Mistress, I really need to pee.” sissy said. “As a matter of fact, I’ve never felt like I had to pee like this before.”
“That’s because you are pregnant little one.” Mistress explained. I put weight in your torso, and it sits right on your bladder just like a baby. You must be careful not to drink too many fluids when we are out. As the baby develops, there will be more and more weight pushing in on you.”
sissy was just amazed at the things she didn’t know about being pregnant.
“May I pee now Mistress?”
Mistress nodded in the affirmative. “I have to go as well.”
The two girls entered a public bathroom and each went into a stall. Mistress began talking about the impending marriage between sissy and Allen as they piddled.
“I think a wedding next month is a fine idea. Don’t you sissy?”
“Oh Mistress, he hasn’t even thought about that!” Missy protested. “Besides, it’s not even legal!”
sissy wiped herself and flushed, then went to the sink to wash her hands. sissy noticed that her pink lipstick had faded, so she got her cosmetic bag out and started the necessary repairs. Mistress came to the sink and checked her face. As usual, it was perfect.
“Legal?” Mistress asked. “I doubt if any of this is legal. Do you realize you are in a women’s bathroom?”
The girls laughed and headed out into the mall once more. They entered the Bridal Shop. sissy was amazed at the number of beautiful gowns and dresses. This was not like a department store where everything was alike. There were beaded gowns with long trains, silks and satins, veils and gloves. And fabulous undergarments. She felt herself getting aroused at the thought of trying on wedding gowns. A sales clerk approached. She noticed immediately that sissy was pregnant.
“Is there a wedding in your future honey?” she asked.
Mistress answered before sissy could. “Yes, my little sissy here is going to marry Allen. He doesn’t know that he’s the father yet. But he will tonight. So for today, we are just browsing.”
“Well, why not have her try something on just for size. I can keep the measurements for when she when she’s ready!”
“Yes, that’s a good idea.” Mistress said. “I have to make a call anyway.”
sissy was visibly excited. she picked out a classic wedding gown. All silk with a beaded bodice and V cut down the front. It had a long train and several petticoats to go with it. sissy thought it was divine. sissy opted not to have the clerk help her try it on though. sissy went into the dressing room and could hardly control herself over the excitement of putting on the dress. Just as she finished and walked out of the dressing room, Mistress and the sales clerk were standing at the door.
“How does it look?” sissy asked.
Mistress and the sales clerk both blurted the same word at the same time.
sissy reluctantly changed back into her clothes, thanked the sales clerk and promised to be back for the real thing. Mistress seemed to be pulling sissy along, as if she was in a hurry. sissy did not protest. She knew better.
“Come on sissy.” Mistress said. “I have to get you home for a very important call!”
The girls entered their home to hear sissy’s phone ringing. She answered. It was Allen. sissy felt her heart skip a beat. He said he had something very important to ask her. And he had to see her that very night.
“Yes Allen. Dinner tonight sounds divine!” sissy said. “Pick me up at eight?”
Mistress smiled as sissy hung up the phone. sissy went to her room to change into something special. For a special night.
It had been a whirlwind afternoon for sissy. A day at the mall with Mistress was always a treat. Then the chance to try on a Bridal Gown was the icing on the cake. Or at least that’s what sissy thought. The phone call from Allen made her heart leap. sissy wasn’t sure, but she thought the hormones made her a bit more emotional than she had ever been. Or could it just be the thought of being pregnant? Whatever it was, it didn’t matter. sissy was too full of anticipation to worry about it. She hung up the phone and practically flew into her room.
“He called Mistress!” sissy said. “He wants to have dinner tonight!”
“Really?” Mistress said with a knowing smile.
sissy ran to her room and began to get ready for the all-important dinner that night. She chose a red maternity dress that she and Mistress purchased a few days before. It was stretchy in the middle, but she still looked sexy in it. She spent extra time on her makeup. Mistress had taught her well. sissy was often allowed to work with the makeup artist at the studio and learn all the newest techniques. When she was finished dressing, she was absolutely beautiful. She started her way into the living room toward the door only to be met by Mistress.
“My, you look adorable!” Mistress said. “Are you sure you know something I don’t know? I guess I chose well when I made you my sissy!”
sissy actually blushed for the first time in her life. It must have been the hormones. I couldn’t possibly be that she was a girl who was excited about becoming engaged over dinner. That just wasn’t going to happen. She waited with anticipation for Allen to pick her up though. She was having sex with him for a year now. Most of it forced by Mistress in the beginning. But she felt that she was in love with him for quite some time. This dinner would be special.
“You don’t look like a girl who is going out on just another date.” Mistress said.
Allen’s car pulled into the driveway. sissy sprung up to open the door and ran to meet him outside. When Allen saw her, he knew that there was something new about her. Although he couldn’t understand how or why.
“You are just beautiful honey!” he said. He opened the car door to let her in and the two headed out to one of the best Italian restaurants in town.
They arrived and Allen had the valet park his Mercedes. The Maitre De knew Allen well, and had a special table set up in a secluded area. They sat and got comfortable as the waiter brought menus and a wine list. The restaurant owner must have known it was a special night. Within a few moments, a bottle of Dom Perignon was delivered to the table “on the house.” sissy’s heart was racing. Obviously, Allen had more than sex in mind tonight.
“I want to explain about the changes in my body Allen,” sissy started.
“Shhhh. No need to explain. Mistress told me about it. I don’t understand it, but I don’t care.”
“You realize that it’s just part of the Mistress’ domination over me, don’t you?”
“Well, yes, of course. But she assures me that there will be a baby when all of this is over.” Allen said. He became a bit more serious.
“She wants me to make an honest woman out of you.” he said. “I don’t have a problem with that at all.”
He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small black jewelry box. He snapped it open to expose a three-carat diamond ring. He took the ring out of the box and pulled sissy’s left hand toward him.
“I know this is the most bizarre thing we have ever imagined, but it’s what I want.” he said. “Will you marry me?”
He slipped the ring on her finger before she could answer.
“Why yes. Yes Allen. I will!”
He pulled her close and kissed her. They hardly noticed the applause from people around them in the restaurant. It was official now.
Not only was sissy a pregnant woman. She was engaged to be married. It was all a dream come true.
sissy and Allen had a wonderful meal. But neither of them was really thinking about anything but the ring on sissy’s finger. And how to celebrate. After a couple of Cordon Bleu Cognacs, it was obvious that this night was going to be even more special than it already was. The check came and Allen paid the bill. The couple left the restaurant to the smiles and gazes of all who were there. Many congratulated them on the way out. Allen gave the ticket to the Valet. When he came back, the Valet had the keys and a bottle of Cordon Bleu.
“The owners insisted sir.” he said. Congratulations.”
sissy slipped into the front seat as the Valet shut her in. She mouthed a “thank you” to him and blew him a kiss. Allen closed his door, and sissy lunged at him to kiss him.
“Oh, I cant wait to get you home honey.” sissy said. “But I’m not sure if Mistress will let me take this torso off. She only lets me loosen it to use the bathroom. I cant take it off unless I am showering. I have to ask her.”
“Well, you don’t really.” Allen said. “She told me that your “vagina” is very functional, and that we probably will both enjoy it. She also told me that we had to use it.”
“She can be a real bitch sometimes Allen! Oh my, don’t tell her I said that!”
Allen assured sissy he wouldn’t. As he drove to his place, sissy moved closer to him and started rubbing his crotch.
“Mmmmm honey. I’m not sure if I can wait. Cant we pull over somewhere?” sissy asked.
“Well, it’s only a few more minutes. And Mistress insisted that we use the new vagina. Do you want to be the one to tell her we didn’t?” he asked.
sissy didn’t have to think about that one. After all, she missed a make believe period, and look what happened. sissy wouldn’t tempt the gods again. It seemed like an eternity to sissy, but a few minutes later, Allen pulled into his garage. He got out of the car and sissy jumped on him and made him carry her into the house, kissing him all the way. As he carried her upstairs, she threw her purse down, kicked off her high heels and even managed to get her part of her dress undone, exposing her newly sensitive breasts. When they got to the bedroom, Allen threw sissy on the bed and started taking his clothes off. sissy followed his lead, and soon they were naked on the bed, kissing and fondling with wild abandon.
“Wait!” Allen was out of breath with excitement, but managed to utter a word of caution. “The lubricant. She said a lot of lubricant!”
sissy rolled over to the night table and pulled out a tube from the drawer. She squeezed it out all over and inside the new vagina.
“Is this enough?” she screamed.
Allen thought it was. He entered the vagina and both of them were amazed at the feeling. It was something Allen had experienced before, but sissy had not. No one had ever “entered” her from the front before. The torso and her penis formed what could only be called a “g” spot, and sissy was filled with sensations she had never felt before. The gel they used was designed to slow orgasms, but it was obvious that this was not going to last long. Both of them moaned as if it was the first time ever. Ten , fifteen minutes passed. They didn’t know for sure. But then something happened that they never thought possible. They had a mutual orgasm. sissy was sure that the room shook. She knew every part of her body did. When it was over, they collapsed in each other’s arms. It was the most amazing experience they ever had.
After a few minutes without talking, sissy became aware of a huge puddle of fluid inside of her.
“This isn’t going to be very comfortable for me hon.” she said.
“Mistress told me to tell you that it would be ok to take a shower.” he said.
“So, what do we do now? Have a cigarette?” sissy mused.
“No, no. You cant smoke.” Allen said. “You’re pregnant!”
“You let me drink!”
“Yeah, that’s because you fuck like crazy when you’re drunk!”
sissy spent the night with Allen, with Mistress’ permission of course. she loved lying in his arms and spending time with him. she realized that the feelings she had for him before were really something more than she thought. It felt as if she really was in love. Her body tingled all over when he touched her. But then again, that could be the hormones talking. sissy chose not to give the credit to the hormones. Morning came too soon, unfortunately, and it was time for sissy to get back to Mistress. Before she did, she kissed Allen’s chest, down to his stomach and licked her way to his ample penis. As she worked her mouth around it she could feel Allen’s excitement grow more with every movement of her tongue. Evidently, Allen was thinking about the same thing. It didn’t take long for him to finish. sissy took it all in like the expert she was. When he was finished, she lifted her head and gingerly wiped a small drop from the corner of her mouth.
“i wanted to take some of you home with me.” she said. They shared a laugh and kissed goodbye. sissy left, wondering what her new life would be like.
“Did you have a good time honey?” Mistress asked. “You sure look like you did!”
“Oh yes Mistress. It was wonderful.” sissy said as she held her engagement ring out “And look! Isn’t it beautiful?”
“Yes, it’s very nice. But we have our usual things to do sissy.”
“Sessions? But I’m pregnant!”
“Little one, since I told people you were, you wouldn’t believe the number of guys who want you!” Mistress laughed. “Especially with your new ‘apparatus.’”
“i guess i thought things would be different.”
“Silly girl! Pregnant woman work too you know.” Mistress said. “Now, get ready for a busy night!”
“Busy? Busy how?”
“Three of them want you tonight hon.”
“Three? What times?”
Mistress mused. “Oh, about ten tonight.”
“What about the other two?” sissy asked.
“Oh, about ten tonight hon!”
“You mean…?”
“Yup. All at once!” Mistress said. “Business as usual slut girl.”
sissy was a bit upset. Not because of the gangbang. She’d done that hundreds of times. She was upset that Mistress would make her be “pregnant” than have no regard for her well-being. she knew it was insane to feel that way. But sissy was actually starting to believe that she was having a baby, and that her body had to be protected. Mistress obviously saw it another way. As sissy’s belly expanded, she saw hundreds of ways to make money and humiliate sissy. Just as it always was.
“Oh, and the house is a mess.” Mistress said. “I’ve really let you get away with murder the last week or so bitch! So get dressed and perform your duties here.” Mistress commanded. “You may start with the toilets.”
“Yes, Mistress!” sissy said.
Mistress had not spoken to sissy in that tone for quite some time. sissy had gotten used to being “girlfriends” with Mistress and almost forgot her place. If missing a fake period got her to this point, she couldn’t imagine what kind of punishment Mistress would come up with for such familiarity. sissy dutifully went up to her room and donned her usual maid’s attire. The bodice was a little tight. Mistress would not be happy about that. When she was dressed, she went to the cleaning closet and got what she needed to clean the bathrooms.
In each toilet, Mistress left a message for sissy. The hadn’t been flushed in days, and were well used. sissy gagged as she meticulously cleaned all four of them. she scoured out the sinks and tubs, mopped the floors, cleaned all the mirrors and light fixtures. It took most of the day, but when she was through, the bathrooms were spotless. As she was finishing the last one, Mistress came in and sat on the commode. She urinated, making sure that her pee splashed outside the toilet and onto the floor. She ordered sissy to wipe her clean. When sissy was done, Mistress pulled up her undergarments and pointed to the mess on the floor.
“You missed a spot you sissy bitch. ” Mistress ordered. “Clean it up.”
“Yes, Mistress. Right away!”
When the job was finally done, it was time to get ready for her session. sissy really didn’t mind getting ready. It gave her some time alone to clean herself up, play with her makeup and hair, and choose a slutty outfit. It made her feel feminine and sexy at the same time. She chose a sexy black teddy, garters, seemed stockings and heels. There really wasn’t and sense in wearing much more. It was not going to stay on her long. She remembered how it felt to have Allen “inside” her last night. She wondered if it would feel the same with three other men tonight. She sat there and cried at the thought that what she had with Allen might be spoiled but what she was committed to do for Mistress. The tears welled up in her eyes and made her makeup run.
“Oh shit!” she thought to herself. “Now I have to start all over!”
sissy fixed her makeup and admired herself in a full length mirror. As she did, she heard the doorbell ring, and the voices of three gentlemen callers.
“Come on in!” Mistress said. “The slut is ready for you!”
Yes, sissy thought to herself. It was business as usual.
Sissy dreaded meeting the trio. But Mistress commanded it, and there really was no choice. So she headed to the playroom as if it was the only thing she ever wanted to do. She saw three naked young men sitting on a couch, playing with themselves as they waited for her.
“Faggots” she thought to herself.
“Hello Masters!” she said. “How may i serve you tonight?
“Get on all fours bitch and crawl over here!” one of them demanded.
sissy could not help but think this was going to be one of those nights.
“Yes Master! As you wish!” she said. “Shall I keep my eyes looking at the floor as I crawl to you?”
These guys were such amateurs sissy had to tell them how to dominate her.
“Ah, yeah bitch!” The trio giggled like so many schoolgirls setting each other’s hair at a slumber party. It was truly pathetic. sissy knew them all from individual sessions. They were not bad one at a time. Mistress should be told not to allow them as a threesome again. But it was not sissy’s place to say. she crawled ever so slowly to them and knelt before them as she got there, head to the floor in her most obedient pose.
“What do you desire Masters?” she asked.
“Kiss them!” one of them said. She was face to face with a wild herd of testosterone-laden stallions. They were reaching out to her begging for attention. She drew forward and started kissing the heads of their sizeable units, careful not to lick or do anything she was not commanded to do. Suddenly, they all started slapping her face with their cocks. Truly humiliating. Then one of them…the biggest of the three…got up and positioned him self behind her. she felt him rubbing against her ass.
At first sissy thought it was not possible, but he seemed to grow into her instead of pushing his way in. The latex torso worked just as well in the back as it did as a vagina. sissy rotated between oral and anal with all three of them. They seemed insatiable. After awhile, sissy found she still enjoyed the degradation. Once again.
“Now bitch!” one of them demanded. “Let’s try out that plastic pussy of yours!”
He flipped her over and pulled her legs into the air. He wasted no time in entering her. Again, sissy rotated between the three. she found herself moaning and truly happy with the scene. She felt her body shiver in ecstasy as one of them came in her, and the other two released themselves all over her face. It was a truly wonderful experience. One that sissy did not realize she missed so much.
Almost as if on cue, Mistress turned the lights up in the playroom, signaling the end of the session. As she rose to her knees, sissy was once again confronted with the three men’s cocks.
“Kiss it again bitch!” one of them said.
sissy took each of them in her hand and instead of suffering disdain for them, gave each a loving kiss and licked each of them clean. As the men left they each threw a hundred dollar bill at sissy. A tip sissy would not be allowed to keep, but satisfying anyway. When they were finally gone, Mistress entered the room.
“Well slut. Is that the way an upstanding engaged mother to be is supposed to act?”
“Mistress, i must admit that this was very exciting for me!” sissy said. “But it’s very confusing too. What about Allen?”
“He knows you are a whore sissy. Do you really think it’s any different today than it was a few weeks ago?” Mistress mused.
“No, i guess not Mistress.” sissy said.
“Well now, what shall we do now sissy?” Mistress asked. “After all, it’s only about 12:30 on a Saturday night. I have several men who want to see you here.”
sissy thought about it. For her, it really was an early Saturday night. Most Saturdays ended just before sunup. A few weeks away from that routine did not change sissy’s desire to spend her nights like that.
“Well, Mistress, if i may ask?”
“Ask what my little cum bucket?”
“i was wondering, may sissy go on the street tonight?” she asked meekly.
“Oh you little sissy! You really are a whore at heart, aren’t you?”
“Yes Mistress. i guess i am!” sissy said. “May i go?”
“I like that idea sissy. I want to see you work the streets like the slut you are. But you must clean yourself up.”
“Yes Mistress.”
sissy finished showering and was about to reattach her torso. Mistress holding another garment instead greeted her.
“Not so fast sissy. you must look three months pregnant now. Here is your new body.”
Mistress handed it to sissy, who obediently placed it around her. The stomach was twice the size as the old one. And had much more weight on her bladder. But the biggest difference was that the thrill of being pregnant and engaged to be married took a second seat to the thrill of doing what she did best. For the moment, sissy was what she had always really been.
A whore.
sissy was excited about being on the street again. In the early days of her servitude, Mistress would put sissy out on her whim. Sometimes for twenty hours a day. A Transsexual prostitute is at a greater risk on the street. Even though most of the johns have fantasies about being with a Transsexual woman, some of them react violently when they find out they have been fooled into the act. So when Mistress made sissy walk the streets so often and for so many hours, sissy was worried about being attacked. Or worse. In time, though, sissy became much more comfortable out there and became a real moneymaker. At least it was for Mistress. sissy was known on the street as someone who would do anything if the price was right. As men and women came looking her in greater numbers, the other girls often ignored sissy hoping she would go away. They were all happy to hear that sissy was going to be working for Mistress in her playroom. It was less competition.
This night, however, was something different. sissy had never seen a pregnant woman on the street. Let alone been one. In addition, Mistress was right about the extra weight. It pressed on sissy’s bladder and there was no doubt sissy would have to work taking a pee into the night’s festivities. Hookers seldom get paid bathroom breaks. She also noticed that she was walking differently. The extra weight extended down between her legs. She thought it was what pregnant women called a waddle. Whatever it was called, it was uncomfortable. But it was also very exciting to sissy to know that she was feeling something that, for the most part, only pregnant woman experience.
She took her place on the corner, posing in a way that could stop traffic. She laughed to herself as she remembered that Allen told her she shouldn’t smoke because she was pregnant. She knows girls on the street are sexier if they do. She pulled out a cigarette and placed it between her bright red lips, lit it and took a long slow draw. As she blew the smoke out seductively, a red Altima pulled up and a man rolled down the window. Sissy slowly approached the vehicle, deliberately taking another drag on the cigarette.
“Fuck you Allen.” She said as she blew out the forbidden smoke and got closer to the vehicle. She leaned in and asked the age-old question every john wants to hear.
“Hey hon. Do you want a date?”
That question always led to the obligatory banter that prostitutes and undercover cops play. One trying to entrap the other. First one to break the law loses. sissy had played this game thousand of times before. Nobody was better at it than she.
“How much?” the would be john asked.
“How much? I don’t know what you mean sugar!” sissy said.
“How much for around the world?” he asked again.
sissy did her best hand imitation of Star Jones and responded to the question.
“Around the world? Do I look like a fucking travel agent to you?”
“How about 75 for a blow job?”
He blinked. Game set and match to sissy. But sissy couldn’t help but laugh to herself. Seventy Five for a blowjob from her? If he only know who he was talking to. Still, the money wasn’t the issue. It was the capture and release.
“All that for me? For me?” she asked. “That’s a very generous gift.”
She entered the car and took care of business first. The john handed her three twenties, and fifteen ones. Obviously he had been saving up for this.
“What, no change?” sissy asked.
The john responded. “Huh?”
“Oh, never mind.” Sissy said. She went into her girlfriend mode and immediately put her hand on his crotch. After all, time is money. And the less time spent with this guy the better.
“Mmmmmm. What do you want me to do now?”
“Just take it out!” he said.
sissy opened his fly and pulled out a surprisingly huge cock. She immediately went down on it as if it was the greatest thing she had ever seen. But instead of putting it in her mouth sissy started jerking him off…an old prostitute’s trick. He didn’t realize it, but he wasn’t really getting a blowjob. She was spitting on it to make it feel as if he was in her. In fact a real pro never even touches it with her lips. And if anything was true about sissy, it was that she was a real pro. It didn’t take long. A few seconds really. And the john was spent. sissy continued her “BJ” so the remains could end up on his pants instead of on her. When she was done, she emerged as if she had taken every drop.
“Good enough sweetie?” she asked.
Of course it was. Guys like him made some prostitutes wealthy. Even at seventy five bucks a pop. He was just another satisfied customer. So satisfied, he gave sissy and extra ten bucks.
“Oh thank you sweetie” sissy said as she left the car. It was on to the next adventure almost before that one had ended.
And so it went for the first few hours. Fifty here, a hundred there. Before sissy knew it, she had several hundred dollars in her hands and she had not broken a sweat. Of course, she knew she was worth ten times that much or more. But she genuinely loved playing the role of the street whore. She was fixing her face when a black BMW pulled up. This was her chance. No nickel and dimes here. With this one, she was going for the jackpot. She didn’t even have to ask if he wanted a date.
“Get in bitch!” he demanded.
She didn’t usually like that kind of aggression, but this guy seemed like a player, and wasn’t bad looking either. Against her better judgment, she got in. The man didn’t even ask about a price. He threw three hundred dollars at sissy.
“You know what to do bitch!” he said.
Of course, sissy did. She went into her usual blowjob routine. Instead of just sitting back for the ride, this john started rubbing her legs, grabbing at her tits and taking liberties with her way beyond what is expected. He worked his way up her skirt and began to feel around. She had broken the first rule of being a prostitute. sissy had lost control of her body and let the john go where he wanted. He glided his hand over the seam between the torso and sissy’s leg, then over the built in vagina.
“What the fuck is this?” he screamed. “A fucking plastic pussy?” He was faced with the realization that sissy was not a pregnant woman. Instead, sissy was some kind of freak trying to look like a pregnant woman. He immediately removed his hand and began screaming at sissy.
“You fucking asshole. I should kill you now!”
sissy was terrified as he lifted has fist and began to punch her face repeatedly. He hit her ten or twenty times. She lost count. He started to drive away as he leaned over to open the door. He kicked her into the street and she rolled over to the curb. As he drove away, sissy screamed for help. Help that would be slow to come at 4:30 a.m. She realized that for the first time in her life, she was in real trouble. With no one around to help her. She managed to regain her strength after some time and began walking toward Mistress’ home. sissy knew she would be safe there. Somehow, she was able to walk the ten blocks home and use her key to enter. Mistress was waiting as the door opened. But instead of greeting her sissy slut with the usual questions about the night’s performance, Mistress watched in terror as sissy fell through the door onto the floor, nearly unconscious.
Another night on the street in for sissy had ended.
The beat down did not change things for sissy. Over the ensuing months, sissy became more and more pregnant, and Mistress made her walk the streets every night. As sissy’s “baby” grew inside of her, it became more and more difficult for her to walk. Her pregnant condition, however, did not dissuade her dates. It became clearly obvious to her that men love sex with pregnant women. And if they could not get it from their pregnant wife, they are happy to pay her for it. Even if they know the pregnancy was an aberration. Sissy noticed that her breasts were so sensitive that even the slightest touch aroused her. she was sure she noticed droplets of a milky substance on her nipples too. she was sure she was lactating. sissy also noticed something very strange about Mistress. Mistress was growing along with her. Month by month, Mistress appeared to be as pregnant as sissy.
“I’ve decided to play along faggot.” Mistress said. “Do you have a problem with that?”
Of course, sissy did not. But it was rather curious that Mistress would subject herself to the same ordeal as hers. No matter though. Mistress was always full of surprises. Besides, sissy’s big day was rapidly approaching. In only three days, sissy and Allen were to be married in a private ceremony on the beach in Malibu. sissy’s favorite place in the world. Mistress owned a beach house in Malibu Colony. The perfect place for a wedding sissy thought. Mistress had workers setting up the event for a week. Caterers were hired, waiters and waitresses, bartenders, a band…all the best money could buy. Mistress’ own private florist designed the table settings and floral arrangements. There was no doubt that the wedding would be one of the most elegant events Malibu had seen in some time. Even if the ceremony itself was meaningless from a legal point of view. But there was much to do before the ceremony.
Mistress took sissy to the Bridal Shop for her final wedding gown fitting. When they got there, Angie the seamstress was beaming with excitement. Mistress invited Angie to the wedding, and she paid special attention to sissy’s wedding dress. She wanted to make everything special. When she presented the dress to her, sissy’s eyes welled up with tears. It was beautiful. What every girl dreams of. sissy went into the fitting room and changed into the gown. It fit perfectly. As she stepped into her heels and brushed the veil to the side, sissy could not help but feel that she really was going to be a bride. At one point, it seemed like a fantasy. As she looked at herself in the mirror, sissy finally realized that the fantasy was happening to her. She turned to open the door to the fitting room. As she exited, she could hear the sighs of amazement at the way she looked.
“Stunning!” Angie said. “You are going to be such a beautiful bride!”
“Oh, thank you Angie!” sissy said.
sissy primped for the onlookers, twirling and making believe she was walking down the aisle with Allen. It was all very exciting to her. While she was posing, sissy noticed that there were several men there who she had not seen before.
“Probably just some faggots who want to be brides.” she thought to herself.
sissy curtsied to Mistress and Angie and started back to the fitting room to change.
“Not so fast little one!” Mistress said. “You are not finished yet.”
Finished? Finished with what sissy wondered. As she looked around, sissy saw that there was a “closed” sign on the door, and that there were ten or twelve men lining up in front of the fitting room door.
“You see, Angie told all of her friends about you.” Mistress said. “It seems lots of them want to be serviced by a pregnant bitch wearing a wedding gown!”
“But Mistress, my dress!” she pleaded, knowing it was worthless to try.
“Angie paid extra special attention to your dress sweetie. And she asked Mistress for this favor.”
“Mistress, you mean I have to…?”
“Of course.” Mistress said. “And don’t worry about the dress. You never spill a drop. This will be no exception!”
Mistress pointed to the door to the fitting room, commanding sissy to take her place. Without further protest, sissy found herself on her knees servicing what seemed to be an endless stream of Angie’s friends. Being careful not to stain her beautiful dress, sissy made sure that every drop went into her. It seemed like a small price to pay for such a lovely wedding gown. Besides, sissy always loved a good gang suck.
When sissy was finished, Angie made sure the dress was not soiled, and packaged it for Mistress. Mistress paid for the dress with her American Express Platinum card, and ushered sissy out of the store holding the garment. The humiliation was complete, but the wedding was all sissy could think of now. The two girls left the mall and got into Mistress’ Mercedes. It was a long ride home. Mistress was obviously pre-occupied with whatever her agenda was for the day. And in spite of her servitude, sissy felt quite abused. Sometimes, Mistress had the ability to offer support and compassion to sissy. Other times, Mistress treated sissy like the common street whore she used to be. That was somewhat expected. But sucking guys off in her wedding dress? Was anything sacred? Mistress sensed that something was wrong.
“What now faggot?” Mistress asked.
“Well Mistress, I thought the wedding dress was something special.” sissy said. “I was surprised that You would want me to defile it’s meaning.”
“Meaning?” Mistress laughed. “You, this wedding and all that goes with it have no meaning but My amusement. You forget that you are here only to serve me.”
“Yes Mistress” sissy said. “ I do forget sometimes.”
The Mercedes raced along PCH toward the beach house. Mistress with a smile on her face that seemed not to address the emotions sissy was feeling. In the passenger seat, sissy was staring ahead into blind disbelief. Mistress was never going to allow her to be the bride she wanted to be. As the car moved along, sissy could not help but wonder what her life would be like under the strict control of her Mistress. Even after she was married to Allen.
The blowjobs at the Bridal Shop did little to change sissy’s excitement about the upcoming wedding day. Mistress even let sissy come home early from the street the night before.
“We’ve got a lot of work to do whorebride.” Mistress said.
Whorebride? sissy had never heard that one before. But Mistress had been unusually cruel to her since she was beaten on the street, and nothing really surprised her anymore. Still, sissy had some concern about the word.
“Mistress, are you going to call me a whorebride tomorrow at the wedding?”
“Why? Do you prefer slutbride instead?”
“I was hoping that maybe…for Allen’s sake…” sissy stuttered.
“Oh, him? You mean faggroom?” Mistress laughed.
Tears welled in sissy’s eyes. It was obvious that the wedding was nothing to Mistress. Even though she had made all the arrangements and spared no expense. Mistress even hired Jessica, the top makeup artist at the studio to do sissy’s hair and makeup. It was all very exciting to sissy. she was very good at her own makeup. After all, she had plenty of practice over the years. But sissy was going to be made up by a professional makeup artist to the stars on her wedding day. That is really something special. So sissy decided that nothing Mistress does would ruin her big day.
“I wonder if Jessica could do something to take the permanent snarl out of Mistress’ face” she said to herself.
Mistress noticed the smile on sissy’s face.
“What’s so funny?” Mistress asked.
“Oh, nothing Mistress. I was just thinking about the wedding!”
Mistress knew sissy was lying. But there was too much to do for Mistress to punish sissy now. That would have to come later. Mistress commanded that sissy run a bubble bath and soak for an hour. She handed sissy a new razor, and told her that Mistress would inspect sissy’s body for hair. Mistress said there would be hell to pay if there was any left. It really wasn’t that big of a task, because most of sissy’s hair had been removed by electrolysis, or simply disappeared after sissy started taking hormones. Still, she knew better than to point any of that out. sissy got into the bath and dutifully shaved every inch of her smooth body. Just in case.
sissy got out of her bath to find a white silk dressing gown laid out on her bed, along with some high-heeled mules. The outfit was really quite beautiful, but she dared not put it on until Mistress told her to. The way Mistress had been treating sissy lately, the gown may actually be for someone else and sissy was being tested. She dried herself off and reattached her pregnant body. sissy had become quite good at erasing the attachment with body makeup to the point where even she couldn’t tell where she stopped and the attachment started. As she admired the job she had done, sissy heard Mistress’ heels clicking in the hallway. Mistress entered the room and waived at the gown and mules.
“Those are for you faggot!” Mistress said. “Put them on.”
sissy eagerly obliged. The gown felt so sensuous against her nipples and breasts. She really loved what the hormones did for her. As sissy admired herself in the mirror, the doorbell rang. It was Jessica, ready to turn sissy into a beautiful bride. The wedding was six hours away, and Jessica was worried that she might not be able to finish sissy in enough time. She made a call and got a nail technician and hair stylist to come to her aid.
“I hope she looks good when I’m finished!” Jessica said.
“Don’t worry Jessica.” Mistress said. “Anything would be an improvement on what she would do.”
For the next four hours, sissy was pampered by Jessica and several of her co-workers. she had been to salons before, but never experienced anything like this. A pedicure was necessary because of the open toed shoes she was told. A beautiful blushing bride pink was the chosen nail color. The manicurist worked to shape sissy’s toes and fingernails just right. The polish just seemed to flow on perfectly…almost on it’s own. sissy’s hair was pulled back so Jessica could work her magic with makeup. It took Jessica over a half hour just to get sissy’s lipstick on. But the wait was well worth it. When Jessica was finished, sissy could not believe how beautiful she was. It was as if she didn’t recognize her own reflection in the mirror.
Finally, the hair stylist experimented with several different styles. Mistress and Jessica agreed that an updo would be best. So sissy’s hair was piled on her head in a series of curls and ribbons. She was absolutely gorgeous when the girls were finished.
Jessica helped sissy with the undergarments, garters, stockings and helped her into the Wedding Dress. Just as sissy slipped into her open toed sandals, Mistress announced that it was time to go to Malibu for the ceremony.
The day that sissy never thought would come was finally here.
The limo pulled up and Mistress and sissy got in. Jessica and her crew joined them will all their bags of cosmetics, nail polish and the like. It seemed strange to sissy that these women, dressed in their smocks and white pants, would be riding in a limo to her wedding, but they were so nice to sissy that it really didn’t matter. Besides, Mistress commanded it. As the limo pulled away, sissy’s excitement grew. It was only a few hours away. The ceremony she had been waiting for these long eight months.
The girls chatted about weddings and honeymoons along the way. Mistress and sissy were the only ones who had never married, so Jessica’s input and that of her friends was helpful.
“Planning a wedding is one thing, sissy.” Jessica said. “Getting through the day is quite another thing!”
“Not to mention the honeymoon!” Debbie the manicurist chided.
“I don’t think a little whore like sissy has to worry about a honeymoon.” Mistress said.
The girls knew Mistress well, but even they seemed somewhat shocked at that statement. They also knew better than to challenge Her on the comment.
The limo drove into Malibu Colony, and sissy tried to relax and enjoy whatever kind of wedding Mistress had conjured. No matter what happened, sissy thought this was going to be her special day. Little did she realize that was all about to change.
As sissy was helped out of the limo by one of the ushers, she headed toward the house for what she thought was going to be some final adjustments and makeup corrections.
“No sissy.” Mistress commanded. “You need to go to the guest house.”
“Why Mistress?”
“You have to change out of that gown into a bridesmaid’s gown.”
“What? What do you mean Mistress?”
“I let you play dress-up a few times in the Bridal Shop. But all along they were making you a bridesmaid’s gown. Do you really think I would spend all this money for you to get married?”
Tears were streaming down sissy’s face. She went to the guesthouse as instructed. Jessica and the girls went with her stunned in disbelief at the turn of events. But they knew Mistress and naturally they were under Her command as well. So they had no choice to obey. When they entered the guesthouse, Angie from the bridal shop was there with two other women.
“You’ll have to take the dress of now sissy.” Angie explained. “But we have a lovely Maid of Honor dress for you that I’m sure you will adore!”
The dress was elegant. Simple, lavender, straight lines that would help not accentuate her rather pregnant condition. Not that it mattered. Everyone there knew about her pregnancy and the way it had progressed. Angie helped sissy out of her beautiful wedding dress. Then Jessica and the girls went to work on her hair and makeup. They did not want sissy to stand out among the bridesmaids, so they had to tone down the beautiful job they did when they thought sissy was a bride to be. It was somewhat of an impossible task though. Even if they took all of her makeup off, sissy would be the most beautiful girl in the wedding party.
After her hair and makeup were done, Angie helped sissy into the Bridesmaid dress. As disappointed as sissy was about the change in planes, she could not help but admire how lovely she looked in the dress. As she adjusted herself and took a final look in the mirror, Mistress entered. She too was showing her pregnancy, much to sissy’s surprise and amazement.
“So slut, do you like the dress?” Mistress asked.
“Yes Mistress, it’s quite lovely. Thank you.”
“That’s good. I want you to look pretty for me today. Wait until you see what you are going to be wearing when you leave for the honeymoon.”
Needless to say, sissy was more confused then ever.
“Well, you don’t expect Me to go with seven men to Hawaii now, do you?” Mistress quipped. “Who would make sure everything runs smoothly while I’m gone?”
“Why would you go to Hawaii with them Mistress? And why did you make me do all of this? Why plan a wedding at all?”
As sissy asked the question, Angie entered the room with the most beautiful wedding gown sissy or anyone else had ever seen. She approached Mistress and began undressing her and fitting the gown to her.
“You are going to Hawaii to service the groom and bridegrooms for a week.” Mistress said.
“Why? I don’t understand Mistress!”
“Because you are not marrying Allen today you fool. I am.”
It was difficult for sissy to hold back her tears as Mistress and Allen took the wedding vows with a glimmering Pacific Ocean as the backdrop. Still, Mistress was beautiful in her wedding gown which, strangely enough, was a mirror image of the one sissy was supposed to wear. True to Her word to play along, Mistress chose to be a pregnant bride She was aglow in a way that sissy had never seen before. Since it was sissy’s task to ensure that Mistress was satisfied in every way, her contribution to this Wedding Day, however unexplainable or bizarre, made sissy feel that she had at least met her commitments to Mistress. As Allen and Mistress kissed after the ceremony, sissy wiped away a tear of joy and smiled as Mistress passed by her. Mistress did not acknowledge sissy’s presence.
The day went the way of most normal weddings. Mistress and Allen visiting with the guests, posing for pictures, eating the cake. The traditional first dance brought another tear to sissy’s eye. The hormones had really turned her into an emotional train wreck. And her breasts felt as if they were going to burst from the excitement of another person’s touch. Still, she was happy the ordeal was over. It would be good to get through the honeymoon and resume her normal duties as Mistress’ whore. At least she knew what to expect.
The honeymoon dress was beautiful. Pink silk with matching sandals. Mistress allowed sissy to throw the bouquet before she and the men in the wedding party left for their week in Hawaii. Mistress allowed sissy to wave and take pictures with the ushers. As usual, sissy maintained a smile on her face, never wanting to do anything to draw Mistress’s ire. As the men and sissy headed to the airport, sissy could not help but notice that someone was missing. Allen.
“I suppose that makes sense.” sissy thought to herself. “There has to be a real honeymoon for them.”
Hawaii was definitely not a real honeymoon. Seven men, for seven days and nights, were ordered to have their way with sissy. It was an ordeal that had sissy wondering if it were possible to be poisoned by too much semen. It seemed like an endless stream. Many times all seven participated covering her completely and leaving her to wait for the next sessions. This was her reward for being Mistress’s pregnant sissy all these months. But sissy persevered. And when the week was over, sissy flew back to Los Angeles, weary from the trip but wanting to get back to her life as she knew it. Mistress had other plans.
sissy was greeted at LAX by a limo driver who had been instructed to take her directly to the local hospital. Without knowing why, sissy’s heart raced at the prospect of something being terribly wrong. As she ran into the lobby, sissy saw Allen waiting for her.
“Is something wrong with Mistress?” she asked.
“No, not at all. They are just getting her ready.” Allen said.
“Ready? Ready for what?
“The baby is coming today. They are inducing labor as we speak.”
This was really a shock. All along, sissy just assumed Mistress was playing along with her. If it was possible for Mistress to make sissy look pregnant, it was possible for Mistress to do the same for herself. Why she would was anyone’s guess though. As she spoke with Allen, a nurse came with a wheelchair to tell sissy that her room was ready.
“What room?” sissy asked.
Knowing better than to argue, sissy sat in the wheelchair and was led to a birthing room in the Maternity ward. In the next room, Mistress was going into labor. sissy was given a silk nightgown to wear and was told to wait.
“What’s this Allen?” sissy asked.
“Well, I should tell you now sissy.” Allen began. “Mistress and I have known each other for quite some time. She got pregnant a week or so before you missed your period, and we decided to have some fun.”
sissy was beside herself.
Allen explained that he changed the date on her calendar so Mistress would have a reason to force sissy to become “pregnant.” That was about the time that Allen started showing some feelings for sissy, though he never really felt anything beyond a master/sissy relationship. So Mistress and Allen led sissy along, making sure she had no point of reference, not knowing where she stood in the relationship. When it became apparent that sissy was responding to hormones and was actually becoming the girl Mistress wanted her to be, the decision was made to make sissy perform all of her duties both as a whore, and a pregnant girl.
“It could not have gone any better!” Allen said. “Look at you! You are truly a sissified bitch now!”
The nurse came in and told Allen he should be in the next room with Mistress. sissy could hear the midwife helping Mistress along, coaxing the new life from Her. However, sissy had no idea why she had to be here for the event. sissy just resigned herself to the fact that whatever was going to happen was going to happen, and she had no control over it as usual. After what seemed like a lifetime, the cries of a newborn baby shattered whatever tranquility there was around her. A few minutes later, Allen and the midwife came into the room with a 6lb baby boy. He was perfect.
“Pull down the top of your gown sweetie.” The midwife said. “Its time for you to meet your new baby.”
“What do you mean?” sissy asked. “This is not my baby!”
“Maybe not.” She said. “But I have been told to show you how to feed him. And you need to start right away.”
“What?” sissy cried.
Over all of her protests, the baby was placed at sissy’s breast, and the midwife was showing sissy how to hold the baby’s head for breastfeeding. It took some time, but the baby started to get the hang of the process.
“Don’t worry honey. You two will get together on this. It’s such a natural thing!”
“It’s not natural for a man to breastfeed!” sissy insisted, although she was starting to feel as if she was wrong.
The midwife explained that many men lactate, and that sissy was much closer to a woman than a man when it came to breastfeeding because of all the female hormones she was taking. sissy started to feel a connection between the child and herself. she started to relax and as the baby suckled her nipple, she actually began to feed him. It was truly an amazing thing.
“Allen, when will I have to give the baby back to Mistress so she can feed him?” she asked.
“Oh, no. You are not going to do that. You don’t think she wants to do it.” Allen laughed.
“You will be breastfeeding as long as you can. Then you will continue in our service as the Nanny.”
As Allen was explaining sissy’s new role, a nurse brought Mistress into the room in a wheelchair. Mistress looked tired, but was beautiful as usual. She also had that slightly evil grin on Her face that sissy had come to fear.
“I told you that there would be a baby for you, didn’t I” Mistress asked.
“Yes, you did Mistress. He’s perfect.”
“Now it’s up to you to raise him, because I just don’t have the time.”
“Yes Mistress. Thank you.”
“Oh, and sissy by the way.”
“Yes Mistress?”
“Happy Mother’s Day.”

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